School of Pharmacy

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Cedarville University offers a unique opportunity for students who want to enroll in a Christian pharmacy program at a top-ranked university. Led by talented Christian faculty members with outstanding professional credentials, the School of Pharmacy admits students with strong academic records who themselves testify of personal faith in Christ.

Building upon more than 40 years of a successful prepharmacy curriculum and a strong reputation in the health sciences, the University offers a direct-entry, seven-year program that culminates in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.).* Students also earn a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.P.S.) and a minor in Bible. The seven-year curriculum consists of two components, a three-year prepharmacy segment and a four-year advanced professional-level segment. Qualified students with dual enrollment or Advanced Placement credit can complete the program in six years.

Of the 53 students matriculating as P1 students in 2012, 52 are on track as P2 students and 1 is on an extended course of study. Average GPA of our Professional Students: 3.41

* Cedarville University's Doctor of Pharmacy program has been granted candidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.