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Study of the human immune system, including descriptions of basic immunological phenomena, biochemistry of antibodies and antigens, the cellular and genetic components of the immune response, and immunopathology. Three lectures per week. Prerequisites: BIO-1110 Introduction to Biology; BIO-2250 Cell Biology; BIO-3300 Genetics.

Academic Level:
Science and Mathematics [SM]
Biology [BIO]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2015FA, 2015SU, 2015SP, 2014FA, 2014SU, 2014SP, 2013FA, 2013S1, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012S1, 2011FA, 2010FA

Past Course Revisions

  • Immunology
    Credits: 3.0
    Terms Offered: 2005FA, 2006SP, 2006FA, 2007FA, 2008FA, 2009FA
  • Immunology
    Credits: 3.0
    Terms Offered: 2003SP, 2005SP

The specified course is not being offered during the currently active term(s).