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Announcing New and Increased Pharmacy Scholarships for 2014-2015!

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This course is designed to explore the various methods and materials essential to teaching language arts in the secondary classroom. Upper level literature courses cannot be used as a substitution for the general education literature requirement. Prerequisite: EDUC-2000 Introduction to Diverse Learners, currently in EDSE-3100 Principles of Teaching Adolescent and Young Adult, or permission of instructor.

Academic Level:
English, Literature, and Modern Languages [LL]
Literature [LIT]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2015SP, 2014SP, 2013SP, 2012SP, 2011SP, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009S4, 2009SP, 2008FA, 2008S1, 2007FA

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