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This course will introduce students to the U.S. legal system, specifically the systems by which laws and rules related to the practice of pharmacy are created/promulgated, including the bodies of regulators responsible for such activities (e.g., Federal and state legislatures, state boards of pharmacy, DEA, FDA). The course will subsequently focus on the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy in the state of Ohio as a guide to understanding the same across the nation. Case law will be used to demonstrate the tensions and limitations of current laws and rules in the context of contemporary practice, particularly considering ethical dilemmas in pharmacy practice. Prerequisites; P3 in good standing in the School of Pharmacy; PHAR-6110 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice; PHAR-6112 Introduction to Self Care; PHAR-6121 Pharmacy Practice Lab I; PHAR-6122 Pharmacy Practice Lab II; PHAR-6150 Drug Information and Informatics; PHAR-6171 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I; PHAR-6172 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II; PHAR-6273 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III; PHAR-6274 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience IV; PHAR-7353 Leadership and Business Module.

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Pharmacy [PH]
Pharmacy [PHAR]
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2016FA, 2015FA, 2014FA
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2016FA01Dr. Jeff LewisHSC 211 LEC MTWR 11:00AM-12:50PM
HSC 211 LEC MTWR 03:00PM-04:50PM
HSC 211 LEC F 08:00AM-09:50AM
Dates: 08/22/16-12/09/16