Pharmacy Students


This course will focus on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage the business of pharmacy in various models/settings (e.g., privately owned and chain community pharmacies; hospitals/health systems), including entrepreneurship, business planning, human resource management (including employee candidate interviews), pharmacy operations, product/service pricing and reimbursement and business marketing. Further, models of leadership will be reviewed and related skills will be cultivated. Prerequisites: P3 in good standing in the School of Pharmacy; PHAR-6110 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice; PHAR-6112 Introduction to Self- Care; PHAR-6121 Pharmacy Practice Lab I; PHAR-6122 Pharmacy Practice Lab II; PHAR-6150 Drug Information and Informatics; PHAR-6171 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I; PHAR-6172 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II; PHAR-6273 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III; PHAR-6274 Introductory Pharmacy Practice IV.

Academic Level:
Pharmacy [PH]
Pharmacy [PHAR]
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2017SP, 2016SP, 2015SP
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2017SP01Dr. Ginger CameronHSC 211 LEC MWR 09:00AM-09:50AM
Dates: 01/09/17-05/05/17