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Announcing New and Increased Pharmacy Scholarships for 2014-2015!

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The focus of this course will be on understanding the U.S. healthcare system and contemporary models of pharmacy practice. Key topics will include the regulations applicable to the practice of pharmacy in preparation for pharmacy internship experiences, prescription interpretation and fulfillment processes, health/pharmacy literacy, patient safety and communication, cultural literacy and models professionalism. Prerequisites: P1 in good standing in the School of Pharmacy; PPHR-1011 Profession of Pharmacy-History and Issues; PPHR-1012 Profession of Pharmacy-History and Issues; PPHR-2013 Profession of Pharmacy-Careers; PPHR-2014 Profession of Pharmacy-Careers.

Academic Level:
Pharmacy [PH]
Pharmacy [PHAR]
Terms Offered:
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2015FA, 2014FA, 2013FA, 2012FS
Course Offerings by Term
TermSectInstructorMeeting Location/Days/TimeCapUsed
2015FA01Dr. Marc SweeneyHSC 201 LEC M 01:00PM-01:50PM
Dates: 08/17/15-12/11/15