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Announcing New and Increased Pharmacy Scholarships for 2014-2015!

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Course KeyCourse Title
BIO-1000Principles of Biology
BIO-1110Introduction to Biology
BIO-1120General Zoology
BIO-2000General Ecology
BIO-2010Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO-2020Adv Clin Physiology
BIO-2130General Botany and Ecology
BIO-2250Cell Biology
BIO-2500General Botany
BIO-2600General Ecology
BIO-3410Invertebrate Zoology
BIO-3420Vertebrate Zoology
BIO-3450Human Structure and Function I
BIO-3460Human Structure and Function II
BIO-3510Plant Physiology
BIO-3520Plant Taxonomy
BIO-3600Environmental Ethics
BIO-3610Environmental Physiology & Ecology
BIO-3800Biological Research
BIO-3810Biological Research Internship
BIO-4210Advanced Cell Biology
BIO-4220Signal Transduction
BIO-4300Molecular Biology of the Cell
BIO-4310Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
BIO-4351Immunology Laboratory
BIO-4410Developmental Biology
BIO-4710Principles of Bioethics
BIO-4800Senior Seminar-Biology
BIO-4880Topics in Biology
BIO-4900Independent Study: Biology
BIO-4910Environmental Biology Internship