Announcing New Pharmacy Scholarships for 2014-2015

Announcing New and Increased Pharmacy Scholarships for 2014-2015!

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Course KeyCourse Title
LIT-2130Dramatic Literature
LIT-2300Introduction to Literature
LIT-2340Western Literature
LIT-2390Survey of American Literature to 1900
LIT-2430Survey of British Literature to 1800
LIT-2440Survey of British Literature From 1800
LIT-3230Directed Readings
LIT-3310English Novel
LIT-3380Contemporary British Literature
LIT-3400Contemporary Studies in World Literature
LIT-3420American Novel
LIT-3510Modern American Literature
LIT-4220English Seminar
LIT-4230Independent Study in Literature
LIT-4420European Novel
LIT-4450Milton: Poetry and Selected Prose
LIT-4490Special Topics
LIT-4510Recent American Literature:1945-Present