Professional Interests

My professional interests are varied and exist primarily in three (3) domains. The first is mentoring students. This occurs across a relatively wide cross-section of experiences, but is particularly pronounced relative to graduate school. In particular, I have a special interest in assisting undergraduate students gain entrance into the graduate programs of their choices. I regularly work with Cedarville students to help them build cogent curriculum vitae in order to make strong presentations for master's and doctoral-level graduate programs. To date, I have helped over 70 students gain admission to doctoral programs.

A second professional interest involves testing & assessments. My experience in this area has been relatively extensive, and it is an area of clinical application which I particularly enjoy. My current private practice involves providing forensic and clinical psychological evaluations to clients in the greater Miami Valley region of Ohio.

A third professional interest at this time involves mentoring students in conducting research. I have a particular desire to help Cedarville students present papers at regional & national research conferences. Presently, I direct two national, juried annual research conferences: The Ethnographic & Qualitative Research conference ( The American Association of Behavioral and Social Science ( conference. Additionally, I edit the Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research (