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The psychology major provides students with a general exposure to the field of psychology in preparation for graduate study in psychology or a number of human service positions. It entails completing forty-two (42) credits in core domains of psychology along with a 12-credit track of student's choice  (see psychology curriculum). The psychology major can be attractive for students who wish to earn a minor field of study (in addition to Bible) or complete a broad sequence of courses in addition to psychology.

Overall, the psychology major is comprised of a total of 54 credit hours, which provides a broad base of learning and training for students endeavoring to be proficient in the field to which they are called.  With the inclusion of their General Education requirements that include a Bible minor, students still have enough credit hours left to include more than one track of learning in the psychology major or to include another minor if they choose. The structure of the psychology program allows students to build a solid educational foundation and still be able to customize a curriculum that can fulfill their unique interests and professional preparation.