Other Requirements

Each student in the major must complete 12 hours in an emphasis area that is an extension of the major. Examples of such tracks include public policy, geoscience, and molecular ecology. At least eight of these credits must come from 3000 or 4000 level courses. The courses in the emphasis will be selected by the student and his/her advisor and must be approved by the department chair. This set of courses will be sent to the registrar and will become part of the student's academic file.

The Environmental Science Major at Cedarville University requires a minimum of 128 credit hours, made up of the following:

  • 0–5 hours of proficiency requirements
  • 39–42 hours of general education core requirements
  • 79 hours of environmental science requirements including courses with prefixes "BIOA" or "ENVS" completed at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies.
  • 7–10 hours of general electives
Sample Four Year Plan

Cedarville University is a sustaining partner with Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies. Because of this special relationship, Cedarville students have a unique opportunity to enroll in Au Sable Institute courses ; and, qualifying students may receive fellowships and financial aid from the Institute.

Required Coursework:

Course Number Syllabus Course Name Credits
BIO 1110 Introduction to Biology (4)
BIO 1120 General Zoology (4)
BIO 2500 General Botany (4)
BIO 2600 General Ecology (3)
BIO 3800
or BIO 3810
Biological Research
or Biological Research Internship
BIO 4800 Biology Senior Seminar (1)
ENVS 1010 Introduction to Environ. Science (1)
ENVS 2100 Introduction to GIS (3)
ENVS 3200 Ecosystem Science (3)
ENVS 3600 Environmental Ethics (3)
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I (4) (4)
CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II (4) (4)
CHEM 3510 Organic Chemistry I (5)
MATH 1710 Calculus I (5)
GMTH 2110 Introduction to Biostatistics (3)
POLS 3690 Public Policy (3)
Emphasis area (see Other Requirements box at right) (12)
Total (64)

Elective Coursework:*

Category 1

Course Number Syllabus Course Name Credits
Select 2 or more courses from the following: (7 hours)
BIO 2210 Microbiology (4)
BIO 3300 Genetics (4)
BIO 3710 Biochemistry (4)
BIO 3410 Invertebrate Zoology (3)
BIO 3420 Vertebrate Zoology (3)
BIO 3520 Plant Taxonomy (3)
BIO 3610 Environ. Physiol. and Ecol. (4)
BIOA 3220 Aquatic Biology (4)

Category 2

Course Number Syllabus Course Name Credits
Select 2 or more courses from the following: (8 hours)
BIO 3610 Environ. Physiol. & Ecol. (4)
BIO 4910 Environ. Biology Intern. (2)
BIOA 4710 Conservation Biology (4)
BIOA 4820 Restoration Ecology (4)
BIOA 4870 Forest Ecology (4)
BIOA Courses Additional Au Sable Institute
courses with advisor approval.
CHEM 2210 Analytical Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 3210 Environ.Chemistry
(or Au Sable course)

* BIOA indicates Au Sable Course