Student Perspectives

"A University education always abounds with experiences, which together mold and direct the personal character and mature future that one lives. For me, Cedarville University and the environmental science program drove home not only the foundation of the hard-held facets of biological science but also the history of critique, theory, and debate that brings a man head-on with the current issues of today...where without doubt, Christ and the Judeo-Christian ethic therein play a vital role. Understanding God in the science laboratory is not an oxymoronic detail as held by many scientists advocating scientism (e.g., naturalism) to divorce the ideals of the existence of life with that of supernatural intervention. I have discovered that I can be both a scientist and a Christian and retain my ethical and moral repute. As an environmental science student, I was given education that examined the broad spectrum of life and the physical interactions that sustain their existence. I gleaned a geologic foundation in earth science and chemistry, an understanding of all things green and self-replicating in botany and zoology, and deep insights into philosophy and ethics with bioethics and genetics courses. Finally, my education would not be complete without the knowledge undertaken of sharper disciplines found at Au Sable's Institute of Environmental Studies where I was privileged to satisfy specific passions through upper-level courses that complemented my coursework at Cedarville; namely, marine biology, ornithology, and natural history of the pacific northwest. In short, Cedarville University afforded me the proper direction and care that all students of science need for success which has positively influenced me as a master's degree student seeking a career in ecology."

Nathanael P. Davis

MES Graduate Candidate - Taylor University