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Forensic Science

Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Forensic Science is more than what you see on CSI or NCIS. Check out Cedarville's Forensic Science major!

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Why Study Forensic Science at Cedarville?

Cedarville is a place uniquely suited to help students grow in their faith as they prepare to be excellent forensic scientists. Our major is very rigorous in its academic coverage. Every student takes at least 10 credits of math, 22 credits of chemistry, 16 credits of biology, 8 credits of physics, and 15 credits of criminal justice, plus specialized forensic science classes and science electives. Students graduate from this program knowing the scientific theory behind the tests they run in the lab and knowing how a criminal investigation should be conducted. In short, graduates are very well prepared for their future career.

Cedarville University Forensic Science Student

Cedarville’s forensic science program also has a strong emphasis on ethical work in the crime lab. Many scandals over the last few years have demonstrated that there are serious concerns about both the competence and ethics of some forensic scientists. At Cedarville, we want our graduates to not only know the science but to do their work to the glory of God. So the program is very intentional about training students to be ethical in their work, not to cut corners or to draw conclusions beyond what the evidence actually warrants but to be sure that they always pursue justice justly. This goes along with the very nature of a Cedarville education, everything students do is aimed at helping them to integrate their faith and life so that they will honor God in their vocation.

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