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Engaging Culture Through Geology

Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Geology

The advent of the geology major at Cedarville University constitutes a new opportunity to engage culture in several strategic arenas.

First, in discussions about origins, Cedarville University is unique as the only university offering a geology degree that embraces the creationist position. All other programs advocate the evolutionary theory of origins. As in all of its science programs, the University will teach evolutionary theory to insure that its students will understand its principles, positions, and pitfalls while preparing graduates to be effective advocates for the creationist position articulated in the Scriptures. Interestingly enough, cracks in the geologic foundation of evolutionary theory have been forming as the result of advanced technologies that provide new insights and raise compelling questions regarding the geologic record. This new research, which is pervading the scientific community as a result of the power of the Web, should open the door for the well-trained, Christ-centered Cedarville geology graduate to exercise influence.

Second, geologists serve at the forefront in addressing one of the world's most significant current challenges, energy. Many of the geologists attracted to the petroleum industry three decades ago now face retirement, presenting the opportunity for talented graduates, like those from Cedarville, to fill these vacancies and develop new solutions to tapping and utilizing the world's energy resources.

Third, many of the regulators influencing energy and construction policies and procedures need an understanding of geology. By integrating coursework and experiences in public policy into their geology curricula, Cedarville graduates can step into these vital positions found in local, state, and federal agencies. The Christ-centered work ethic, communication skills, and excellent scientific training that characterize our graduates will prepare them to contribute significantly to the improvement of our nation's physical infrastructure as a result.