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Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Geology

Geology Research and Field Work

Undergraduate geology research and field work is an important part of an education. Young geologists must learn how to observe and interpret. To this end, field work and research is emphasized in our program. Nearly every course has at least one field trip. As students develop their skills in individual research projects, which result in presentations and publications, will be encouraged. It is expected that students become actively involved in various meetings like the Geological Society of America. Cedarville University has excellent library resources for geology (CU is a member of OhioLINK) and many local geological sites of interest (Cincinnatian invertebrate fossils, glacial features, Silurian dolomites, caverns, spring deposits, etc.). A research-grade Nikon petrographic microscope is available for student research projects.

Associate professor of Geology Dr. John Whitmore is actively involved in geological research at Cedarville University in several different fields. Because of his efforts, he was selected as Faculty Scholar of the Year at Cedarville University in 2008. He was the primary investigator for ICR's FAST project on the Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon. He has also worked with fossil fish of the Green River Formation of Wyoming, Alaskan dinosaurs, sediments of the Hartford Basin of Connecticut, and Cincinnatian fossils.