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Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Geology at Cedarville University

Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Geology

"In the Beginning, God ..."

No other Christian school that holds to the literal six-day creation account found in Genesis offers geology as a major to undergraduates. The course of study established at Cedarville will be taught from both naturalistic and biblical paradigms of earth history.

Discover Really Cool Things

Geologists make important discoveries. And so can Cedarville geology students! Our program will help you challenge ideas, find fossils, and unearth new ways different formations were laid down.

Rigorous Emphasis on Hands-On Coursework

Students will literally get their hands dirty! Field trips are a required part of every geology class, and summer research excursions are available to places like Wyoming and the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, our students don’t have to go far for field work, as Cedarville is in an ideal location: nearby geological formations offer unique opportunities for in-depth study.

Wide Range of Classes

The well-rounded geology major includes liberal arts classes as well as calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, physical geology, historical geology, mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, invertebrate paleontology, environmental geology and other upper-level areas of study.

Christ-Centered Focus

Inspiring daily chapels, our one-of-a-kind Bible minor, worldwide ministry opportunities, and a biblical perspective in the classroom create a distinctly Christ-centered experience.

Academic Excellence

In a recent national satisfaction survey, our students ranked Cedarville University #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more.

Highly Qualified Professors

Your profs (all with advanced degrees, no teaching assistants) will bring a wealth of experience and great teaching skills to the classroom — not to mention their hearts for God and for students.

Challenging Environment

You will be challenged not only by your professors, but also by peers who excel academically. The average ACT and SAT scores for students in the science and math department are among the highest on campus, and many participate in the honors program.

Real-World Experience

Cedarville has a long-upheld reputation for giving students a chance at once-in-a-lifetime internships with industry leaders, often leading to full-time employment.

Prepared for a Great Future

Cedarville graduates will be ready for graduate school or industry employment, equipped to find clean drinking water, petroleum, natural gas, coal and other valuable minerals. You can pursue a variety of occupations such as hydrogeology, environmental geology, petroleum geology, and numerous other areas of expertise.