There are many career opportunities for Cedarville geology and geosciences graduates. Employment opportunities include:

  • Economic geology: all types of mining and mineral extraction from the earth including gold, copper, silver, coal, and iron
  • Engineering geology: consultant on planning and construction of buildings, roads, bridges, landfills, and tunnels and planning against the effect of earthquakes and other geological disasters
  • Environmental geology: water and soil testing and remediation, toxic chemical cleanup, environmental impact consultant, study and impact of climate change
  • Environmental law: litigation of various aspects dealing with the environment and human impact
  • Field geology: making of maps, monitoring geological hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis) and studying their potential human impact, field study and interpretation
  • Geological education: opportunities abound from middle childhood through Ph.D. levels
  • Historical geology: studying the past history and life of earth, paleontology and paleoclimatology
  • Hydrogeology and hydrology: specializing in all aspects of groundwater and stream geology
  • Petroleum geology: search and extraction of oil, natural gas, and coal
  • Scientific writing and editing: write and edit scientific articles and books