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About the Mathematics Education Major

Cedarville Bachelor of Arts in Math Education

Now is a very exciting and challenging time to become a teacher. In the midst of a culture that often devalues mathematics (at least for the “every man”), higher and higher demands are being placed on mathematics teachers. There is a very real need for teachers who are competent both in pedagogy and in content. And it’s not enough for teachers to be competent; they need to be passionate about teaching mathematics and passionate about teaching students.

As an integrated mathematics education major in the Department of Science and Mathematics, you will take course work that is comparable to a B.A. in mathematics. In addition, you complete nearly 40 hours of course work in the School of Education, including your field experiences and student teaching. The professors in the math department work closely with the education professors to maximize your experience in your program, and you will develop close relationships with professors from both departments.

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