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Mathematics Program

Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Cedarville University is a great place to study mathematics!

The mathematics department at Cedarville is just the right size! It includes seven full-time faculty members with a variety of research interests, including abstract algebra, real and complex analysis, topology, statistics, and applied mathematics. Because of the large engineering program and various science majors at Cedarville, the mathematics department has a relatively large number of faculty members compared to the number of mathematics majors, as well as when compared to other institutions of our size. This means that not only do our professors have a wide variety of specializations, but that they have the ability to give more personalized attention to each mathematics student.

The mathematics department’s focus is the students! Our faculty members are at Cedarville because they enjoy teaching, treasure the opportunity to invest in college students, and are crazy about mathematics. Students are often found hanging out around professors’ offices and wandering in to chat, sometimes about mathematics, but more often just about life. During these informal times relationships are built that last long after graduation.

The mathematics department’s faculty members are well qualified! They hold doctoral degrees from institutions such as Princeton University, the University of Michigan, the University of Kentucky, and Auburn University. All full-time faculty members in the department hold a Ph.D. or are in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. Also, all mathematics courses taken by mathematics majors are taught by full-time faculty members instead of adjunct faculty members or teaching assistants.

The mathematics department at Cedarville offers various options! Our majors include mathematics and mathematics education, and we offer a variety of both theoretical and applied courses. We also offer a minor in actuarial science, designed to prepare students to work as actuaries.

The mathematics department’s students are part of a community! Our mathematics majors get to know one other well, and many stay in contact with other students and faculty members after graduation. Our students are often found studying together in the Mathematics Study Room and other lounges on campus.