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Mathematics Student Experience

Cedarville Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Putnam Exam

Every year in December, we administer the Putnam exam, a national exam that measures mathematical creativity. The national median score on the exam is usually 0 or 1 point out of a possible 120, but students who do well on the exam can open up very nice opportunities for themselves. A Cedarville student who scored in the top 500 students taking the exam (there are usually between 3,000 and 4,000 nationally who take the exam), was awarded a place in a program called Math in Moscow, which allowed him to spend a semester in Moscow studying math in English with Russian mathematicians. The Math in Moscow program is very prestigious and led to this student gaining some very lucrative offers for graduate school.

Computer Programming Contest

Every spring, the computer science department holds a computer programming contest in which many math majors participate in teams of two. Math majors who participate show very good problem solving skills in this contest.

Math Department Colloquium

Each semester, the math department invites a speaker to discuss a mathematical topic with undergraduate students. Recent topics have included The Actuarial Profession, Completeness Properties and Topological Games, and Preemptive Rerouting of Airline Passengers Under Uncertain Delays.

On Campus Tutoring

There are several opportunities for students to tutor in mathematics on campus. The Cove (Cedarville University’s Academic Enrichment Center) offers tutoring for all students, and some of our majors work for The Cove in tutoring for calculus and other mathematics courses. Several of our students are also private tutors for students at Cedarville.

Off-Campus Tutoring

Every year there are opportunities for Cedarville students to tutor. Some students are part of tutoring ministries through Cedarville’s Christian Ministries. Other students tutor local students for pay.

Events that Involve Travel

  • The Nebraska Undergraduate Conference for Women in Mathematics: Every January, a group of female math majors travels to Nebraska to attend this conference.
  • Ohio Space Grant Consortium Student Research Project Symposium: Every spring, a group of students is nominated to attend this symposium.