Quick Facts

Numbers That Count

  • 144 majors
  • 5% of student body
  • Most popular programs:
  • Social Work -- 95 (58% of students in the department)
  • Criminal Justice -- 56 (34% of students in the department)
  • Sociology -- 13 (8% of students in the department)
  • 7 faculty; 43% of whom have doctorates
  • 20/1 faculty to student ratio

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Social Work at Cedarville University

Unique, Christ-Centered Focus

At Cedarville, you'll find committed Christian professors, inspiring daily chapels, the one-of-a-kind required Bible minor, and numerous ministry opportunities.

Exceptional Academic Program

Besides being recognized by U.S. News & World Report, Cedarville has a decades-long reputation for establishing successful, accredited, professional programs.

Commitment to Biblical Integration

The faculty make a point of emphasizing the integration of faith and practice. Since many of the career tracks related to these degrees are based in a secular setting, having a strong foundation in a biblical worldview is vital.

Personal Financial Management Training

When a person applies for a job in social work, the required background investigation includes a credit check. This course teaches students how to handle money, helping them maintain their financial integrity.

International Field Experience

The social work program has established international field experience sites in Romania and Uganda. This would give students global exposure in addition to the field experience they are already required to obtain in a social service agency.

Relevant Focus

The department is dedicated to producing graduates who will be servants of Christ in the greater society — public servants who seek to transform local, state, national, and international organizations.


Cedarville's social work program has the largest number of majors within the department and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Upon graduation students can have their degree and their license in hand. Also graduates of the social work program can receive advance standing when they attend graduate school, completing their MSW in 14 months instead of 2 years.

Top-Notch Professors

The department faculty represent over 135 years of professional knowledge. These professors bring their practical know-how into the classroom, thus providing a unique and well-rounded learning experience. And they are skilled at integrating the theoretical with the practical.

God's Leading

We are commanded to be salt and light to the world. God calls us to positions of serving and protecting a vulnerable society. Graduates of Cedarville University's Department of Social Work do just that — they protect and serve our society.

Prepared for a Great Future

The Labor Department is projecting a significant demand for the disciplines in our department. The education and training our students receive at CU positions them well for employment after graduation.