Criterion #3 - Student Learning & Effective Teaching

Criterion Statement

The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.

Subcommittee Members

Chair: Dr. Mark McClain
Enrollment Management Division: Steve Winey
Academic Division –  
     ENS: Heather Kuruvilla
     HFAB: David Hoffeditz
     HHP: Evan Hellwig
     SSPS: Tom Sweigard
  Merlin Ager
     Library: Rory Patterson
     Academic Assistance: Kim Ahlgrim
Ex Officio Member: Sharon Johnson

Core Components

  • The organization's goals for student learning outcomes are clearly stated for each educational program and make effective assessment possible.
  • The organization values and supports effective teaching.
  • The organization creates effective learning environments.
  • The organization's learning resources support student learning and effective teaching.