University Mission Statement

Cedarville University is a Christ-centered learning community that prepares students for lives of academic, professional, and personal excellence through an education consistent with biblical truth.

Objective Statements:

  1. To undergird each student in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, and to equip each student to evaluate knowledge in the light of Scriptural truth.
  2. To prepare students in the liberal arts, professional programs, and graduate studies for academic specialization.
  3. To increase the student's awareness of the world of ideas and events influencing contemporary culture.
  4. To enable each student to develop sound critical and analytical reasoning.
  5. To develop skills in written and oral communication, information management, and use of technology.
  6. To encourage growth in Christian character through obedience to Scripture in order to glorify God in all of life.
  7. To equip students to engage culture through life-long service to God in the local church, the community, and the world.

12/2/2004 Final Draft
Recommended Mission Statement & Objectives