Email and Online Resources Checkpoint

Accepted Students

Sometimes it seems like everything at Cedarville runs by email and the web. It's a major source of communication about academics, residence life, job and internship opportunities, and more. Later this spring, we'll connect you with a number of resources that are available to you as you prepare to begin as a Cedarville student.

With this Checkpoint, we’re pleased to connect you with your Cedarville email account, information about online access for parents, and details related to the technology resources provided here on campus. If at all possible, parents should plan to take advantage of our free “What You Need to Know About FERPA and Parent Access to Student Records” webinar this summer to learn what resources are available and how to gain access. 


  • Log in to Google Apps 

    Your Cedarville student email account is active! You can visit and log in using the same username/password you have been using across Cedarville's website.
    Note: Beginning June 1, all e-communication from Cedarville will be sent to your Cedarville email address rather than your home or personal address. Please check this account regularly and make your parents aware of important information that arrives before you arrive in August.

  • Grant Parent Access to CedarInfo 

    Due to federal regulations (FERPA), you must grant parental access permission before your parents can access your records through CedarInfo. This only gives parents access to financial, residence life, and academic records. Parents cannot access your email. Parents also need their own username and password and are not to use your login information.

  • View Campus Network Resources 

    Cedarville University is known nationally as a leader in campus computer networking and instructional technology, providing networked computers all across campus. CedarNet is managed by Information Technology (IT).

    • CedarInfo

      CedarInfo is a powerful web-based resource that provides access to your personal information and allows you to conduct business at Cedarville. Access CedarInfo through the student homepage or visit Type in your username and password and log in. Before using CedarInfo network resources, please read the Acceptable Use Policy for CedarNet. Use of CedarInfo's collection of computing resources implies your agreement to these policies.

    • Self-Provided Computers and Devices

      Many students bring their own laptop, desktop computer, or tablet device to campus. These self-provided computers (SPC) can access email, network drives, and the Internet, and can run software that is made available in Cedarville's virtual computer lab. Additional software is available in several public computer labs on campus. IT supports both Mac and PC systems. Read more information about how to prepare your SPC.

    • CU Classifieds

      Think of CU Classifieds as Cedarville's version of Craigslist. This online classified listing is a great resource for the Cedarville campus community. You may opt in or out of the daily email in CedarInfo.

    • Computer Help Pages

      IT provides help pages about University computers and licensed software, self-provided computers, the campus network, troubleshooting, and more. These pages are updated regularly with new content, provide helpful hints, and allow you to provide feedback.

    • Wi-Fi and Network Access

      Cedarville University has an enterprise-level connection to the Internet currently running at 520 megabits per second. All students benefit from 24-hour access to the network on campus. Each residence hall room has 100 Mbps network connections for use with an SPC. Wi-Fi access (802.11n) is also is available inside and outside, all across campus.

    • Wireless Printing

      Cedarville’s wireless printing service, CedarPrint, will allow you to print from any computer to a University laser printer via on-campus print stations.

  • Download cuMobile App

    Gain access to online campus services and information on your mobile Android or iPhone! cuMobile lets you access CedarInfo to view calendars, find people, browse classifieds, read campus news, and even check your transfer meal count at the dining hall — all from your mobile Android or Apple device.

  • Complete the Student Employment Profile 

    More than half of Cedarville students work on campus doing a variety of jobs. Visit the Jobs on Campus page to learn more about the application process and job availability. Please note that in order to sign up for an on-campus job you must bring the following: a photo identification (driver's license/student ID) and Social Security card or birth certificate (original only, no copies) -OR- a United States passport (original only, no copies).

  • Remind your parents to view the webinar designed just for them 

    We've prepared the "What You Need to Know about FERPA and Parent Access to Student Records" webinar so your parents can learn what resources are available and how they can gain access to them.