Housing Selection Checkpoint

Accepted Students

As you get ready to make Cedarville your home, it’s time to start thinking about your life on campus and start the process of selecting your campus housing. New, transfer, or readmit students are granted access to select housing based upon the date their reservation deposit was received. Please be familiar with the housing selection timeline.

Watch your mail and email for your Checkpoint #3 notification in mid-April!


  • Reserve Your Spot 
    Confirm your plans to enroll at Cedarville this fall. Pay your reservation deposit.
  • Campus Housing Selection
    Watch a video introduction and learn about the residence hall- and roommate-selection process.
  • Questions About On-campus Housing 
    Read frequently asked questions about on-campus housing.
  • Find Your Roommate via RoomSync 
    RoomSync is a roommate-matching software tool to help you find your roommate. It's your choice whether you use it, but many students find this Facebook app helpful when searching for a suitable roommate.