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New Student Information

You will receive a series of Accepted Student mailings during the months indicated.

Student Life

  • When? Early March
  • Why? To offer tips on what to bring, allow you to request a residence hall or roommate, and provide more details of what you can expect as you start your Cedarville experience
  • What now? Submit your housing request.

Financial Planning

  • When? Early April
  • Why? To assist your financial planning (student statement sent later)
  • What now? Decide which payment plan you will use.


  • When? Early May
  • Why? To confirm your choice of a major so that we can begin planning your college schedule; to request your help in getting your final high school transcript
  • What now? Return the Major Selection form (to ensure correct course scheduling). Ask your counselor to send your final high school transcript after all senior grades are recorded.

Health Services

  • When? Mid-June
  • Why? To describe the services offered by our campus health services and help us prepare to meet your health needs
  • What now? Complete and return your Student Health form and attach a copy of your private health insurance card and required proof of immunizations. Proof of measles (rubeola) immunity is a requirement for Cedarville University.

Student Handbook

  • When? Late June
  • Why? To prepare you for your arrival and highlight student services and policies of interest to new students
  • What now? Review handbook.

Student Statement

  • When? Early July
  • Why? To provide your course schedule and student statement
  • What now? Finalize plans for paying your bill.

Getting Started Orientation

  • When? Early July
  • Why? To inform you about Getting Started Weekend and inform you of various opportunities for campus involvement
  • What now? Plan your arrival for August 20 or 21.
  • Getting Started for Fall 2010 will be August 20 & 21. Please check back in early Spring for further updates and information.

Housing/Roommate (sent to resident students only)

  • When? Late July
  • Why? To confirm your housing assignment and provide information about your roommate
  • What now? Contact your future roommate to discuss housing arrangements.