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Residence hall students and commuters should plan to report to the Stevens Student Center at 9 a.m. on Monday, January 11. Your room key and all of the other materials and information that you need to begin college life will be available there. Students who need to arrive earlier than January 11 must contact residential services at 937-766-7872 to see if arrangements are possible. (Additional charges may apply.)

  • The first contract meal is dinner on Monday, January 11.
  • All students are required to attend the Spring Mission Conference beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 12.
  • Classes begin on Tuesday, January 12.

Cedarville's Getting Started program assists new students and their parents in their adjustments to campus life and acquaints them with the academic responsibilities and opportunities for involvement. Students and staff will greet you, direct you to where you need to go, and respond to any questions you may have. New students are expected to attend the Getting Started session. A detailed schedule of orientation sessions for parents and new students will be mailed to all new students in mid-November.

We provide transportation to and from Dayton International Airport. To schedule your transportation, you must contact the Admissions Guest Relations Office at 1-800-CEDARVILLE (233-2784) after Monday, November 30 and before Friday, December 18, to give them time to make the necessary arrangements. When you call, please have your arrival date, arrival time, and flight number available. The following fee applies:

Single Student: $50 per student
2 or more students: $35 per student

Full payment is due to Guest Relations upon arrival at campus. No refunds are given after the shuttle schedule has been confirmed. The Guest Relations Office cannot guarantee transportation and may have to make schedule adjustments due to driver availability and/or weather conditions.

This year more than 500 students will commute to campus. This includes married students, non-traditional students, students who live close enough to campus to commute from home, and approximately 200 students who have permission to move off campus. We provide a variety of services to help off-campus students take full advantage of the Cedarville experience. If you are a commuter student, please plan to attend the new student orientation meeting.


1-800-CEDARVILLE (233-2784)
Ask for your admissions counselor.

Business Office:

937-766-7199 (Accounts Receivable)

Financial Aid:


Health Services:

937-766-7862 (University Medical Services)

Getting Started/

1-800-860-7625 (Student Life Programs)

Veteran’s Benefits:

937-766-7620 (Veterans Coordinator)

Residential Services:


The Office of the Registrar at Cedarville will schedule you for your classes for the upcoming semester. Taking into consideration your major(s) selection, they will place you into the appropriate classes. You should receive your tentative class schedule by mid-December.

Should you desire to change any of your classes, you will work with an advisor beginning on Monday, January 11. Classes begin on Tuesday, January 12.

Those with a declared major(s) will be assigned a corresponding faculty member in your field of study.

If you are currently an Undeclared major, you academic advisor will be a faculty or staff member who is specially trained to assist undeclared majors.