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Expert Tips for Completing the FAFSA

Recorded Monday, January 11, 2016

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required to access all need-based aid (institutional, federal, state), including access to federal loans. This webinar will:

Help parents and students understand foundational concepts which enable the student applicant to successfully complete the FAFSA
Address both first-time FAFSA filers and returning filers (FAFSA renewal) for the new academic year
Provide information and tips to help you avoid unnecessary errors and processing delays

Speaker:  Kim Jenerette, Steve Winey

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Five Steps to Finding a Job Out of College

Recorded Monday, November 09, 2015

Are you are wondering if a college education is really a wise investment for your student? If so, join Jeff Reep, director of Cedarville University Career Services, as he tackles these important questions. You will find out why Cedarville University is able to attract hundreds of employers to campus annually, and as a result, achieves placement rates that rank among the best. Just a tip … it starts with a student’s first day on campus.

Prospective students and parents may be wondering what the university is doing to assist their graduates, considering the amount of time, money and effect that is being invested. Universities are investing a lot to recruit students but what are they really doing to help their students during their time at Cedarville? We will address this question and other pertinent questions and share what Cedarville University is doing throughout their college career to equip them for the future.

Speaker:  Jeff Reep

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The Three Most Important Things College-Bound Students Must Know About Gender

Recorded Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The cultural climate concerning gender can be confusing. What does the Bible teach about it? Does it really matter? Dannah Gresh talks to parents about preparing their high school student to navigate the murky waters of tolerance. She'll reveal three things every student must know to successfully and lovingly live out a biblical world view both personally and while participating in the college conversation.

Speaker:  Danah Gresh

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Ideas For Making College More Affordable

Recorded Monday, October 12, 2015

If you are the parent of a high school student and questioning how you will afford to pay for college, don't despair! Instead, join us for a 60 minute presentation that will help you make sense of the seemingly complex world of financial aid.

The webinar is led by Roscoe Smith, an Associate VP of admissions at Cedarville University who has 25+ years of enrollment experience, as well as Kim Jenerette, the Executive Director of Financial Aid, who has 22+ years of financial experience. Not to mention, they both are fathers of college graduates and current college students. You'll be able to ask questions throughout the presentation and gain insights to apply to your specific situation, all from the comfort of your own home.

Speaker:  Kim Jenerette, Roscoe Smith

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College Insiders Discuss High School GPAs and ACT/SAT Test Scores

Recorded Monday, September 28, 2015

How important are ACT/SAT scores to universities? How are standardized test scores used? Is it better to take easy high school courses and earn higher grades, or should I take more challenging courses? Are AP courses and AP tests a good idea? What if my student is just not a good test taker? Please join us as two long-term members of the Cedarville University admissions committee discuss these questions and much more.

Speaker:  Karisa Linafelter, Roscoe Smith

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Keys for Career Exploration

Recorded Monday, September 14, 2015

50-60% of college students will change their major. 40% of college graduates get to graduation day wishing they were earning a different degree. 65-85% of Americans dislike their job. Clearly, career dissatisfaction is a common issue. But there is an answer!
Cedarville University’s director of career services and a certified professional career coach, Jeff Reep, will discuss how students can engage in career exploration early and often. Without it, college freshmen choose majors based on vague ideas of future lifestyle, but no true knowledge of their options or of the ways God has equipped them to serve His purposes. A college education is a significant investment and selecting a major is a significant choice.

Speaker:  Jeff Reep

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