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How Do I Pick a College?


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Colleges are, in some ways, like people: they all have different "personalities," strengths, and weaknesses. If you take your time to decide what you're looking for in a college, you will find one that suits you perfectly.

Start with the decision to attend a Christ-centered university. If you want to be challenged to know God in a deeper way, and you want your career to be a door for ministry, then a Christ-centered university is a great place to start!

Ready to narrow your choices further? Here are some questions that will help:

  • How far from home do you want to travel for school?
  • Do you want an urban, suburban, or rural campus?
  • Would you prefer a private or public, two-year or four-year, liberal arts or technical, commuter or residential university?
  • How many students would your ideal college have?
  • How much are you able to pay for college?
  • What academic programs are you looking for?
  • What activities (ministries, sports, musical groups, theatre, etc.) are you looking for?

Now search online for colleges that match your answers. Often you'll be able to take a virtual tour, interact with current students, and meet your admissions counselor via the admissions website.

Cedarville's interactive admissions site includes all of those options as well as information about upcoming events, the application process, and financial aid.