Jeff Evans

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Jeff Evans

My Bio

  • "If I were a CU student...": I would take the opportunity to create relationships while maintaining the balance of my academic responsibilities and my spiritual disciplines. There is always something happening at Cedarville, but what I had to learn was balance... balance... balance. I would make sure that everything I did was with intentionality so that I could get the most out of every opportunity.
  • What is something that would surprise others about you: I have never met a food that I would not eat.
  • Best restaurant in the area: Doubleday's
  • What sets Cedarville apart from other colleges and universities: I was interested in Cedarville because of its challenging academic programs. Cedarville also takes a bold stand for Christ in their approach to engaging cultural issues that affect Christians everywhere. Those two things initially attracted me to Cedarville, but what really set the University apart was the opportunity I had to visit campus, interact with students in classes, live for a day in the dorms, and engage in the active campus life.
  • Word or phrase that best describes you: Personable
  • How long have you worked at CU: I am in my second year.
  • Hometown: Naples, FL
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Cedarville University
  • Best place to visit around Cedarville: Stoney Creek Roasters for a mocha shake

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