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Jessica Dyson

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Jessi Dyson

My Bio

  • "If I were a CU student...": I would get involved in student organizations and events that would allow me to have new experiences and meet new people. Cedarville is a community that cares about you and your well-being. It is a safe environment to “get outside the box” and have some fun doing things you never thought you would enjoy!
  • What is something that would surprise others about you: I love to work on 3D animation and computer graphics projects.
  • Best restaurant in the area: Colonials Pizza. You can get almost anything you want and it delivers to campus.
  • What sets Cedarville apart from other colleges and universities: Like-mindedness. It is incredible to be at a university where the majority of people with whom you interact have the same core values as you about faith and excellence. It allows you to build relationships that will not only enrich your college years but also encourage you long beyond graduation.
  • Word or phrase that best describes you: Enthusiastic
  • How long have you worked at CU: This is my second year.
  • Hometown: Springfield, MA
  • Degree: Intercultural Communications
  • Best place to visit around Cedarville: German Village in Columbus. It is an incredible community with tons of shopping/dining/entertainment options.

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