Kevin Napp

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Kevin Napp

My Bio

  • "If I were a CU student...": I would be intentional about developing and growing as a whole person. Cedarville provides many opportunities to develop your academic, social, spiritual, leadership, and athletic skills. Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. On a side note, I would probably also petition for an outdoor basketball court and try my best not to have too many classes before chapel.
  • What is something that would surprise others about you:I am a mustard fanatic.
  • Best restaurant in the area: Rudy's Barbeque
  • What sets Cedarville apart from other colleges and universities: Cedarville has a unique ability to build and maintain a strong community among our students that fosters lasting relationships. It may sound cliché, but lifelong friends are made during your college years. Your friends and hall mates are people who will experience life with you here at Cedarville and will challenge and encourage you.
  • Word or phrase that best describes you: Adventurous
  • How long have you worked at CU: I am in my fourth year.
  • Territory: Transfer Students
  • Hometown: Saint Joseph, Michigan
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts in applied psychology, Cedarville University, 2010
  • Best place to visit around Cedarville: Clifton Mill at Christmas

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