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Homeschooled students fit right in at Cedarville University, partly because Cedarville provides the same values-centered education.

Cedarville's homeschool graduates pursue majors in numerous fields such as engineering, broadcasting, Bible, music, political science, education, biology, history, communications, nursing, criminal justice, multimedia technology, and professional writing, and nearly half hold a 3.5 GPA or better.

Many homeschooled students take on leadership roles at CU. Several student leaders, dramatic performers, and resident assistants come from a homeschooled background.

Beginning with grade 9, your transcript should include the following information:

  • Course title (i.e., Algebra I, English 10, etc.)
  • Grade earned — when providing grade information, be sure to provide a scale that shows the relationship between percentages and earned letter grades, even if you're only reporting percentages.
  • Credit earned — the standard measure for awarding credit is the Carnegie Unit, which awards one (1) credit for completion of a full year course that meets daily.

A sample transcript is available for your reference.

Because curricula vary from one homeschooling program to another, it's important for you to provide an explanation of your course of study and your educator's teaching methods.

  • Who is ultimately responsible for setting up curriculum and selecting materials?
  • What type of curriculum and materials did your educator(s) use?
  • Who was responsible for providing instruction? Did you have tutors in some areas and not in others, etc.?
  • Who recorded your grades and how?
  • What type of independent, standardized testing was used to measure your progress against a larger population? (Include copies of this information with your transcript.)

We'd also appreciate any additional information that would shed light on your academic experience.