A Little Bit of Heaven

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A Little Bit of Heaven

September 10, 2011

Anything regarding culture just gets me so excited! I absolutely love the idea that all different cultures are represented in the body of Christ and that because of His blood, we are all united as one. Heaven is going to be a diverse place and we don’t have to wait until heaven to celebrate this diversity! That’s why I am excited to be an officer is P.E.A.C.E. Project this year.

P.E.A.CE. stands for promoting ethnic and cultural education. Basically, this is a student organization that exists to expose students to different cultures and to lead the way in celebrating the diversity that exists on our campus. Working to achieve these goals is both exciting and challenging. It’s exciting because I get the chance to share my passion of culture with the student body. However, it can be challenging because not everyone is excited about kingdom diversity, or even wants to acknowledge that such a thing even exists. But I know that learning and celebrating diversity is important, and that is why I am excitedly working with the other P.E.A.C.E officers to plan sessions, events, and outings that will help us do just that.  It is my prayer that God will use this org to bring a little bit of heaven to Cedarville University. I am just excited to be a part it!