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Academic PILE UP

October 4, 2011

It seems as if getting started weekend was just yesterday. Time has gone by so fast. The students are well into the semester and the load of homework is piling up as students continue to push through the beginning of this year. Already I feel an overload of work, but the key to managing and getting your work done, lies within organization, and determination to put the work in.

Now, I am not the greatest student, and as a junior here at Cedarville University, I have learned that a good work ethic and good grades do not come by the easy tricks that I used in high school. Here in college you actually have to study, and do homework. This week has been a week where I am constantly doing homework, but when I got here my freshman year, I would never put the time in to get work done, and my GPA showed it. Now I have realized what it takes to be a good student.

I want to share a few things that have helped me, as a student here especially with trying to be a better student. The first thing that helped me was realizing the resources here at Cedarville and taking advantage of them. Resources such as the Cove (Enrichment Center), has been a true blessing to me. Over the last two year I have spent many hours in the Cove. The Cove is a place where students can go to get the help they need to better the grades and understanding of their schoolwork. At the Cove the workers help the students with organization, study and test taking skills, and they even provide tutoring for the many fields of study here at the university. Overall, I have learned to write out my schedule, taking dates from the syllabus and also other extracurricular activities. I also plan in times where I can do homework and study. This helps build a determination, and great work ethic, and keeps you on your toes. I have also learned to study ahead of time, and not to wait to the last minute.

There are many resources and places you can study, and prep assignments such as the library, or different computer labs. Finding a place where you feel you will get work done is a huge factor. In weeks where homework seems to never end, these are a few tips that could possible help to make your weeks less stressful.