Barefoot Thursday

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Barefoot Thursday

September 11, 2011

The freshman class definitely stepped up to the plate, creating this day that brought students together. They named last Thursday “Barefoot Thursday,” and idea that came from reading the book True Religion written by Dr. Palmer Chinchen. In this book students were challenged to give for the sake of the Gospel ... to go out to the world.

A freshman student posted on Facebook that it would be cool if the student body gave shoes on the day that Dr. Chinchen came to speak in chapel. The idea was presented to student life, and the freshman class — with the help of student government — put Barefoot Thursday into action. They challenged student to bring shoes to chapel that would be taken to Africa and given away to those in need. They also challenged students to walk around barefoot all of Thursday to get a better understand of what many people experience over in Africa who do not have shoes.

The students responded with zeal and a passion to give their shoes and their hearts to this ministry. Shoes were everywhere on the floor in front on the stage. We were challenged by Dr. Chinchen to live a true religion, to give, to worship God in our lives with everything. He challenged us to not be driven by materials and earthly possessions. The response from the Cedarville community was totally amazing! The total amount of shoes was over 3,400 and the students gave about $1,400. What an amazing opportunity to see our student body come together in love and support this cause. This year, God is really opening the students’ hearts and it’s awesome to be a part of such a great student body as we give for the sake of the Gospel being spread.

Check out the photos of this awesome day!