Certainly Uncertain

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Certainly Uncertain

February 7, 2012

The weather has been unseasonably warm for February, and it makes me all the more eager for spring. Spring means events like JS and Elliv – some of Cedarville’s premiere functions. It also means Spring Break and warm weather. With the new season also comes the looming date of graduation. Like every senior, I am excited for a career, a new location, and a new chapter in life, but for the first time, my future is uncertain.

As a fifth grader I did not find myself mulling over applications for where to go to school next or weighing the options of mowing grass or cleaning the house for income. Life was fairly simple. As a senior in high school there was some pressure of looking at colleges and deciding where God would have me, but I knew that I was going to college and had a good idea of what that looked like, even though I may not know where.

At this point, though, there is much more that is up in the air. I am not exactly certain what career path God has for me. I’m not exactly certainly what location God would have me. The great part of this uncertainty is that it requires true faith. Relying on God’s guidance because it is the only thing that I have really puts faith in perspective for me.

In my time at Cedarville, I have learned that walking with God is not a call to a specific destination. As much as I would like God to map out my every step and give me the plan, that would be a boring and unfulfilling life. The temptation would be for me to get the destination and then go at it on my own. That life requires little dependence on God and yields disappoint. Instead, God calls us to be obedient every day. It is a journey of consistently keeping in step with Him and trusting that He will guide me. I certainly have to do my part of walking with Him, but ultimately He is the one leading me. And that life is exciting—walking with my Savior and the Creator of the universe.

With that said, you may be feeling some uncertainty of your own. The pressures of a high school student are there. I remember them clearly. Remember, though, God is faithful and He just wants us to be obedient today. As you are looking at colleges or dealing with other areas of uncertainty, remember that truth. Walking with God may be an uncertain path in one sense, but we can trust that it is the best life for us.