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Student Blogs


May 2, 2012

On Saturday, one of the biggest events on campus occurred. It is called ELLIV, and yes, that is "ville" spelled backwards. This event is a night for students to get out of the dorms and the library before finals and have some fun. ELLIV features many student's musical abilities as well as other talents that awarded throughout the night. So here is a photo journal of my night.

One of my best friends came and visited me so this is a picture of the two of us all dressed up before the show.
Then we went to the DMC (Dixon Ministry Center) and waited to be let into the show. There was DJ playing music. There was a mass crowd waiting to go into the chapel for the big event!
Here is the stage for ELLIV. The theme was "Color Me Loud" so therefore lots of color.
Dr. Brown even made an appearance at ELLIV.
Altogether, it was a great night with friends to remember the past year together. When you are a student here at Cedarville, you definitely do not want to miss this event!!!!