First Day of Second Grade

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First Day of Second Grade

September 2, 2011

Welcome, and hello! I’m Lauren, a senior Early-Childhood Education major at Cedarville University and I have the privilege to blog for Cedarville this year. I love writing and I’m excited to talk about all the different things happening on campus and in my classes.

As an ECED major (Early Childhood Ed.), we have a lot of opportunities to get involved in the classroom, starting for some as early as freshman year. The education department does a fantastic job preparing us for student teaching, but especially our first year after we graduate! I’m sure I’ll be talking a lot more about that as the year progresses, since I will be doing my student teaching next semester!

Last week, actually the very first day of classes, we had the amazing opportunity to be placed in an elementary classroom to help with their first day of school. I was placed in a second grade class in the Xenia school system (about 20 minutes from campus) along with another Cedarville student. If I only got one thing out of being in her room, it’s that teachers really need to be flexible and prepared at all times. The first day of school was a Wednesday, and our teacher was only hired the Friday before school started. Talk about crazy. She did a great job preparing her room and getting as many of the details covered as possible, but she was SO thankful Brittany and I were there to help — and we loved being there. I especially appreciated the chance to watch a first day of school from the teacher’s perspective. I was able to take a lot of notes about good ideas to remember, and things to remember not to do on the first day. It was a little stressful and chaotic at times, but she did a great job for such short notice!

Unfortunately, we were only there for the day. I assume she was able to adjust a little more once the routine of things started settling in. Right now, I’m taking a block of classes called “Methods II for Early Childhood.” This is the last set of classes for the education major before student teaching, typically taken in your senior year. We’re covering science, social studies and math this semester, more specifically how to teach them and practical ideas to differentiate instruction. I’m excited for what we’re learning and to start gaining great resources I’ll be able to use this time next year.

I know Cedarville has a lot of alumni serving our schools as teachers, volunteers, and administrators, as well as current student’s parents and family members. How did your first day of school go? I’d love to hear advice or great stories!