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Homecoming Happenings

October 7, 2011

Last weekend, Cedarville was bustling with many returning faces. Groups of nervous freshman engineering students crawled into the cardboard canoes and took their maiden voyage across Cedar Lake. Alumni reunited with classmates from the past. Student organizations and class reunions paraded through the town. Fans gathered to watch the Jackets Soccer Team take on Cavaliers from Walsh University. It's a little thing we like to call Homecoming.

My experience with Homecoming weekend was somewhat unique. I was nominated by to be one of the three men to represent the Senior class and ultimately a candidate for Cedarville's Homecoming King. One of the highlights of the day happened at the Homecoming Parade, starting at ten on a Saturday morning. I had never been to the parade before. I remember last year, I was on my way to a wedding. But in years past, I think it came down to a battle with the snooze button. Needless to say, the snooze button won every time.

The next morning when I arrived at the parking lot that would serve as the start of the parade, all the homecoming representatives met a pack of multicolored Corvettes. This corvette troupe traveled around the area specifically to ride in parades and other Corvette-oriented events. This news was especially exciting to me, because the Corvette and I have something in common: we are both made in Kentucky.

As the parade began, I joined Sarah, a Senior representative and Homecoming Queen nominee, in our blue slice of Kentucky. As we climbed to the back of the car, I played back memories of Miss America pageants I had seen. Earlier, my dad encouraged me to make sure I had 'the wave' down, so I was faithful to do my homework.


As we quite literally paraded down the street, it was fun to see faces of alumni, friends, and community members. It was certainly a unique experience and one that was well worth overcoming the very powerful snooze button. The wave could use some work, but I think it sufficed.

Later in the day, the Homecoming representatives were recognized at the soccer game, where the Homecoming King and Queen would be announced. Sarah and I reunited and made our way across the cold and windy field. Once all the candidates had lined up, it was time for the big announcement.
As they announced the Queen, Sarah left my arm and went to accept her recognition as Queen. Soon after, my name was called as the Homecoming King. I pictured myself, crying uncontrollably, talking about world peace, and then waving my eyes in order to dry the tears. Unfortunately, this wasn’t reality.
In all seriousness, I was very grateful to accept the honor. Truthfully, recognition is only has significant as the one who is giving it. Because I believe in Cedarville and love what goes on here, the honor is truly significant. Though there is only one King that is truly worthy, it was great to be given an opportunity to represent Him and our University.

Photo Credits: Scott Huck