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November 1, 2011

Growing up in the 90's and 2000's, I've always felt very much "on top" of the latest technology, gadgets and social media. We didn't always have hi-speed internet, but I still kept up with my blogs and instant messenger as much as I could. Like most parents of my generation, my mom and dad did not quite get the "social networking" concept for a while. I heard the "why don't you just call them?" line many times and it was a struggle trying to convince them why I NEEDED text messaging. It was a surprise, then, when my mom signed up for LinkedIn before me, attended a "Twitter" class on campus and invited me to go with her to a "Professional Facebook and LinkedIn" seminar held in the Bible Building one Thursday afternoon. My mom is now teaching me how to use Facebook, and, I'm sorry- what is Linkedin again? This is definitely a new decade.

I had heard of LinkedIn before but was under the impression that it was for professionals - people who have their own "people" and who have important lives. I thought it only applied to students who are business majors and engineers. After attending the seminar, however, I now have my own LinkedIn profile. I did not realize how helpful these types of connections could be when looking for a new job, or even just building up your contact list. Social networking is definitely not just for high school and college age students, but is the largest avenue used for advertising, and job recruitment. I was very thankful Cedarville's Career Services brought in Bob Hill and held this workshop. I do feel like I have one more outlet towards finding a job after graduation.