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Motives Matter

October 28, 2011

I have found that in many Christian circles, the external actions are usually pretty consistent. It's true in my own life. I regularly go to church, lead a discipleship group, and even do ministry in a local community. My motives, though, are not always as consistent.

Daily, I must ask myself why I do what I am doing. Is it for worldly gain or recognition? Is my desire simply to glorify Christ? Do I truly want what God wants because I know its best for me, or do I want what God wants just because of who He is? Learning this lesson in my own life, I see it played out on a larger level at Cedarville.

This past weekend, Cedarville hosted the G92 Immigration Conference. The reason for hosting the event was not to promote a certain agenda or initiate a certain type of party loyalty. On the contrary, the goal was to "equip a new generation of leaders to respond to [immigration] in a way that exalts Jesus Christ and draws people from every nation to Him." Instead of waiting on politicians to initiate change, the conference was a very practical way for us to start thinking about how we, as Christ followers, can be leaders on thinking about the issue.

In a much different arena (pun intended), athletics are another area where Cedarville’s motives shine. A visit to a home basketball game would reveal a crowd that is very supportive of the Yellow Jackets and not discouraging to the other team. The difference is stark. Watching the Women’s Volleyball team from the bleachers, fans see believers praying with the other team after the game – regardless of the outcome.

At both the Immigration Conference and in athletics the actions are good ones. I think most would agree that a conference to talk about Biblical views of an important topic and quality athletics are great for any university. What is even greater is the motive – the real motivating factor behind what Cedarville does – is to honor and glorify Christ. We can use a conference to encourage believers to take a critical look at issues and respond in a Christ-like manner. We can also use activities on a court, field, or gym as a platform to share the Gospel.

Talking about motives is one thing, but seeing it lived is another. If you haven’t yet, let me encourage you to visit campus and talk with students. It is so encouraging to see motives being transformed to be more like Christ’s both on a university and personal level. After your visit, or even before, make sure to take time to fill out your application. If you do it before November first, there is no application fee. So no matter your motive in applying, you save thirty dollars!