Why I Chose Cedarville

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Why I Chose Cedarville

November 9, 2011

Cedarville University was not on my radar when I was a high school student. I knew I wanted to go a singing school, where I could concentrate on music all day and every day. I ended up (reluctantly) coming to visit to Cedarville. I had this attitude of "I'm not going to this school, I have heard so much negativity. I don't want t o be in a hypocritical environment."

Lets keep it real for a moment, because I find that a lot of students that I talk to have preconceived notions about the Cedarville. Here are some quotes that I hear a lot...

  • "I hear that boy and girls cannot enter each others dorm, LAME!"
  • "I hear that you wear uniforms."
  • "Is it true that you guys have church or mass everyday?"

I truly believed everything that I heard. I thought it was like a stern college where they did not allow you to breathe, and when I got here it was nothing like what I imagined. This may sound corny, but literally God was shining through everyone. A key part in my decision to come here was the welcoming love I felt from admissions and students. At the time Tiffany Strickland was the counselor assigned to me. What was amazing about her was her patience and willingness to address any questions that I had. She sold the university with zeal, and truthfully pointed out the positives and areas where Cedarville was growing in. My day was so amazing when I visited. I remember wanting going to the chapel and saying I see why they have chapel everyday. I remember meeting different profs and staff members and feeling like they actually cared if I came to the school. Students were even stopping to say hello. I felt the love of God from their kindness.

P.S. The students weren't wearing uniforms!!

I just knew this was the place I was supposed to be! Cedarville University has been a blessing to me, and the worst thing I could have done was let my preconceived notions get in the way of God's plan for me to be here. God is using this university to prepare students to go into the world and be lights in dark places.