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Student Blogs


December 2, 2011

As a worship leader here at the University for SGA (student government association), I get the privilege to lead our student body in music almost every Friday. I do not take it lightly, and I wanted to tell you about my experience. I had to wait until chapel was over on Friday to write this, but it is amazing when the corporate body of Christ is gathered in that room.

It is amazing to feel the presence of the ALMIGHTY GOD we serve and to feel his love poured out on us. I am learning that worship is not about the music, vocal harmonies, or technical things that play into preparing for service. While all of that stuff is important, the main thing is the honor that God receives when all of His children are gathered in one place to give Him glory. Today we sang a song called "For The Honor" by Elevation Worship, and in that song we just scream "Forever, Forever, We'll honor you forever." As we lifted that song up, I was reminded that in spite of everything that may happen or go on in our lives, good or bad, God deserves honor forever. My heart was leaping to hear our student body screaming this on the top of their lungs this morning corporately, and the amazing thing was God definitely met us this morning and we encountered His presence like never before together.

I will never forget to continue to give honor to God in everything that I do. No matter what is happening, whether I'm sick, broken, experiencing emotional or physical pain, or whether I am in a financial crisis, whether my day is bright or dark I choose to live for Him and continue to worship! Let us be a generation that restores reverence and honor to Godin a time where people disregard Him. Let us proclaim that He is king together forever and ever!