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Your career is ultimately a platform for service, and that perspective is highlighted through the division of Christian ministries' involvement in the exploration process. Christian ministries offers a wide variety of ministry opportunities, and all provide insight into the daily work of various careers. If you're thinking about education, join a tutoring ministry. If you're considering social work, spend some time on the crisis pregnancy or abstinence counseling team. Thinking about nursing? Volunteer for a hospital ministry. What about criminal justice? Try a jail or detention center ministry.

Understanding how God has uniquely gifted you through His Holy Spirit is also a helpful part of the exploration process. Christian ministries staff members encourage students to consider their interests and to look carefully at those ministries that fit your passion, temperament, talents, and spiritual gifts. If you have questions about how your spiritual gifts equip you for particular ministries or careers, our staff will be glad to meet with you and provide one-on-one counsel.