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Top 10 Reasons to Discover Your Perfect Major at Cedarville University


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You're Not Alone

Nearly 15 percent of the freshman class (comparable to the national average) begin with a major of "undecided." At some point, 25 percent of all students will have an undecided major, and more than half of Cedarville students will change their major at least once.

Academic Opportunities

We have more than 100 accredited programs of study to choose from and mentor-professors who will help guide you toward the right degree. Because of the continuous expansion of Cedarville's academics, we are able to offer you numerous options from among the most sought-after majors today.

Café 153

The Café creates an informal coffee house setting where you can interact with staff and talk with faculty from all of our academic departments. More than 80 percent of students who attend the Café declare a major within one month of the event.

Academic Enrichment Center

Serving as a coordination point for exploratory students, the Academic Enrichment Center — known as "The Cove" — provides tools to help you find God's plan for your life. This includes the Learning and Study Strategy Inventory, which will give you insights into, for example, how you process information, manage time, and what motivates you to learn.

Career Services

In 1998, Cedarville became the first university to offer Crown Financial Ministries' Career Direct® Guidance System to every freshman student... free of charge. By taking this one-hour walk of discovery, you will gather valuable information about your personality, skills, interests and values leading to a profile of the types of jobs that most suit you.

Satisfied Students

We want you to possess the expertise and character needed to engage your professional, social and political spheres-of-influence with truth from God's unchanging Word. And our students appreciate our efforts. In a recent national survey, they ranked us #1 among all participating colleges in several key areas.

Life-Changing Ministry

Understanding how God uniquely gifted you through His Holy Spirit is a helpful part of the exploration process. Cedarville's Christian ministries department will encourage you to consider your interests and to look carefully at those ministries that fit your passion, temperament, talents, and spiritual gifts.

Counseling Services

Finding out how you are wired is necessary to making a wise and confident decision. Our website contains an online "personality test" that will provide insights into your learning style and social interaction. Your results will be sent to counseling services, where a staff member will follow up by sending you a variety of helpful resources, including a guide to potential careers linked to your personality type.

The Registrar

Our registrar's office takes an up-front approach to serving undecided students. From assigning an academic advisor to providing curriculum guides listing the needed courses for any particular major, the department will make your journey that much easier. It also facilitates the College Level Examination Program — an opportunity to earn college credit in subjects in which you already have college-level knowledge and understanding.

Proven Success

Cedarville hosts recruiting visits from over 300 corporate and school recruiters each year. Besides going on to great careers, our graduates are accepted into prestigious programs at Harvard, the University of Michigan, Georgetown, Ohio State, Johns Hopkins, Texas A&M, and many more.