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Visit Registrar's Office

As a student, you will appreciate the office of the registrar! Responsible for many of the behind-the-scenes functions like registering for classes, sending out grades, and coordinating graduation, the registrar's office takes an up-front role in servicing undecided students. The registrar will assign you to an academic advisor who is specifically trained to help students in the process of choosing a major. Your advisor will meet with you at least twice per semester, answer questions, direct you to resources, and help you choose courses to keep you on track for graduation.

Once you're ready to choose a major (or if you decide to change your major at a later date), the registrar facilitates the process and assigns a faculty advisor.

The registrar also provides helpful curriculum guides for each academic major. A curriculum guide lists all of the courses needed to graduate in a particular major and helps you see how the courses you have already taken will satisfy those requirements.

The registrar also facilitates the CLEP testing (College Level Examination Program). CLEP tests give you the opportunity to earn college credit by passing examinations in subject areas in which you have already developed college-level knowledge and understanding. They can be helpful if you choose a major later in the freshman year or sophomore year to stay on track for graduation.