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More Info The Cornelius Leadership AFROTC Scholarship Application SR
More Info Esther C. Gilbertson-Stone Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Robert and Gloria Gromacki Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info Ruby Jeremiah Academic Scholarship Application JR, SR
More Info Jersey Baptist Church Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Mephibosheth Scholarship Endowment Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Petticrew Graduate Bioethics and Ministry Scholarship Application GS
More Info Ross-Shire Foundation Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Science and Faith Integration Scholarship Application JR, SR
More Info Modern Languages Study Abroad Scholarship Application JR, SR
More Info Class of 2007 - Jonathan Taylor (J.T.) Honorary Scholarship Application SR
More Info David H. Tomkinson Memorial Scholarship Application SO, JR, SR
More Info The Scholarship for Women in Business Application SO, JR, SR
More Info Gladys York Memorial Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Gladys York Memorial Scholarship for King's Christian School Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Zehr Family Scholarship Application FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info AFCEA Scholarship SO, JR
More Info Dr. Merlin and Ruth Ager Education Award SR
More Info The Alumni Pay It Forward Accounting Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Alumni Honors Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Alumni Softball Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Alumni Spanish Majors Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Leslie J. Crump Shila Faye Anderson Oncology Pharmacotherapy
More Info Anderson Family Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. and Mrs. Leo Anderson Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Anonymous Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Armstrong Family Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Nathan R. Arnold Accounting Award SO, JR
More Info Robert Atkinson Memorial Scholarship JR
More Info The Autio Family Scholarship JR
More Info Arline Littleton Autio Award SR
More Info Tonya J. Bailey National Guard Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Joseph and Penny Bakhit Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Mendell Beattie Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Bible Center Church Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info John W. Bickett Heritage Alumni Scholarship JR
More Info William J. and Nora J. Bolthouse Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Ruby E. Booher Bontrager Memorial Endowed Fund FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Boyd Accounting Award JR
More Info DeLois C. Brown Family Love Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Robert Orr Burns, Jr. Scholarship Fund JR, SR
More Info Burris Logistics Computer Science Award SO, JR, SR
More Info School of Business Administration Faculty Scholarship SO, JR
More Info Ross and Gladys Campbell Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info David G. Canine Award SR
More Info Misty Carlson Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Tom and Sharon Chmura Scholarship Endowment JR, SR
More Info Christiaanse MK Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Christian Ministry Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Christian Education Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Christian Service and Academic Excellence Award SO, JR, SR
More Info David H. and Edith W. Clark Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Class of 2012 Scholarship Fund SO, JR, SR
More Info Class of 2011 Scholarship SR
More Info Class of 2013 Urban Community Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Charles and Margaret Clevenger Piano Award JR, SR
More Info Lucile Tanner Collins Endowed Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info The Columbus OH Community Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Compton/Knight Family Music Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info The Computer Science Scholarship Endowment SO, JR, SR
More Info Conklin Athletic Scholarship Endowment SO, JR, SR
More Info Robert and Janet Conway Nursing Award SR
More Info The Cornelius Student Life Leadership Scholarship JR, SR
More Info The Cornelius Leadership Business Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Criminal Justice Scholarship SR
More Info Minor and Bernice Cross Scholarship Fund FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Cutler Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Pharmacy Scholarship SR
More Info Daniel Award SR
More Info Richard C. Davis Family Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info T.D. Dishong Entrepreneurship Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Irma M. Dodson Award SR
More Info Dolph and Brown Psychology Award JR
More Info Helen Drullinger Memorial Award SO, JR, SR
More Info Robert Duchardt Athletic Training Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Willis F. Early Business Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Betty J. Early General Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Erich W. Ebert Award SR
More Info Dr. Sharon Eimers Memorial Award JR, SR
More Info Nathan and Hazel Elder Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Elementary Education Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. Warren G. Elliott Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Jenna Lynn Ellis Award JR, SR
More Info Austin Elmore Award JR
More Info Roger W. Eltzroth Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Women in Engineering Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info School of Engineering and Computer Science Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Entner Family Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Teresa L. Palmer-Erdman Memorial Nursing Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Excellence in Applied Communication Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Excellence in Music Research Award JR, SR
More Info Dr. Clifford W. Fawcett Business Faculty Senior Scholar Award SR
More Info Fellowship Baptist Church Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Linda A. Ferguson Memorial Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Class of 2010 - Five Loaves Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. Daniel and Stephanie Forrest Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Fox Family Nursing Scholarship Endowment JR, SR
More Info L. Bert Frye Geology Award SO, JR, SR
More Info Future Generations Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Wilson and Evelyn Galbraith Memorial Fund FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info S. Margaret Gallagher Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Lewis P. Gallagher Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info GAR Foundation Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info GAR Foundation Summit County Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Gershom Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Godby Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Paul Gordon Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info William and Rachel Grapentine Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Grauer Pharmacy Scholarship SR, GS
More Info Gray-Paxson Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Harold R. Green Christian Ministries Award SR
More Info Gugger Scholarship
More Info Hugh T. Hall Memorial Scholarship SR
More Info Morley R. Halsmith Memorial Scholarship JR
More Info Rev. Fred & Opal Hammel Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info The Hampton Inn Springfield, Ohio Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Sandra W Harner Technical and Professional Communication Awd SO, JR, SR
More Info Stephen M. Harriman Memorial Award JR, SR
More Info Frank O. Harris Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Marinus Hazen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship SR
More Info Helping Hand Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info William and Cora Norman Henry Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Heyd Math/Science Award SO, JR
More Info Raymond P. Holland, Jr. Engineering Excellence Award SO, JR
More Info Richard E. and Carole C. Holmes Engineering Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Holmes Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Edward B. and Fauna B. Holmes Nursing Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Joan Horner International Student Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Harold P. "Howdy" House Memorial Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Dr. Robert and Myrtle Hutchinson Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Rev. Henry and Lilian Hutchison Christian Education Award JR, SR
More Info International Student Organization Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Jeremiah 29:11 Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info James T. Jeremiah Award SR
More Info Jewels for Students Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Eunice Wood Johnson Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Dave Jones Memorial Soccer Award JR, SR
More Info Diane Ren'ee Jones Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info John Arthur and Georgia Pearl Jones Scholarship Fund FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info Joseph Award JR
More Info William M. Junk and Frances Smith Junk Grant FR
More Info The Katz Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Kimberly Kerr Memorial Scholarship in Nursing JR, SR
More Info Dept. of Kinesiology and Allied Health Faculty Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info George W. and Rita D. King Scioto County Scholarship Fund FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info Kittyhawk AOC Chapter Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Ruth Counter Klopfenstein, R.N. and A. Rees Klopfenstein, M.D. Nursing Education Endowed Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Compton/Knight Family ROTC Scholarship FR
More Info Lillian Kresge Nursing Award JR, SR
More Info Dr. Donald F. Kyle Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Language and Literature Alumni Award JR, SR
More Info Loretta Lawrence Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Nelson L. and Vera B. Lee Scholarship Fund SO, JR, SR
More Info Dorothy Hilma Leininger Nursing Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info William M. and Ruth Ann Lewis College Assistance FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Class of 2009 - Light of the World Scholarship JR
More Info Philip S. Lindner Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info George H. and Edna F. Louys Endowed Grant FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Love Pedagogy Scholarship in Music JR, SR
More Info Irene MacArthur Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. Bob MacKay Memorial Scholarship GS
More Info Julie Ann Macrae Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Miriam Maddox Speech Communication Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info McQuinn Family Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info William and Jean Meahl Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Micah 6:8 Scholarship JR, SR
More Info The Milner Family Award SO, JR, SR
More Info Michelle M. Mitchener Science Scholarship JR, SR
More Info MK Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Dwight L. Morris and Marguerite J. Morris Accounting Schol. FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Jim and Phyllis Murphy Business Award SO, JR
More Info Nashville Baptist Church Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Nehemiah Engineering Award FR, SO, JR
More Info Doris E. Nevin Memorial Scholarship SR
More Info Northwest Ohio Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info The Pacific Northwest Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info The School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info Alumni Nursing Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Ervin J. Nutter Memorial Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Richard and Mary Olsen Scholarship Fund JR, SR
More Info Ormsbee Family Scholarship SO, JR
More Info Pastoral Studies Scholarship SR
More Info Rita G. Patterson Nursing Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Applied Communication Endowed Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Alvin and June Perry Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Personnel and Process Solutions, Inc. Management Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Ralph and Floyd Pfleger Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info James R. Phipps Communication Award JR, SR
More Info Pleasant View Baptist Church Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Rolan David Polsdorfer Electrical Engineering Award SO, JR
More Info The Donald E. Staley & Dawn K. Staley Polsdorfer Scholarship JR, SR
More Info The Wesley and Dawn Polsdorfer Endowed Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Mr. and Mrs. Rolan David Polsdorfer Music Award JR, SR
More Info The Cedarville University President's Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info Reynolds and Reynolds Company Foundation Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Derek Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund SO, JR, SR
More Info Don and Peg Rickard MK Scholarship FR
More Info Rietveld Fine Arts Award JR, SR
More Info Roloff Incentive Award for Science JR, SR
More Info Roloff Incentive Award for International Studies JR, SR
More Info Salt and Light Geology Award JR, SR
More Info Salt and Light Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Department of Science and Mathematics Endowed Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Jean Scott Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Mike and Amy Shane Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Side by Side Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Jane Adams Smith Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Soccer Alumni Fund FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info 1 Peter 4:10 Softball Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Speedway and Marathon Petroleum Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR,
More Info James and Lorna Spencer Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Billie Stacy Memorial Scholarship JR
More Info Dr. Daniel C. Stevens Memorial Scholarship SO, JR
More Info Al and Joanna Stevens Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Sandra K. (Cookie) Stivison Education Award SO, JR, SR
More Info The Ray and Lois Strom Geology Award SO, JR, SR
More Info Ray and Lois Strom Academic Achievement Geology Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Stuck Memorial Endowed Grant FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Taylor Scholarship Award SR
More Info Dave Taylor Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Philip L. and June W. Taylor Scholarship Endowment SO, JR, SR
More Info TCK Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Therefore Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Theta Rho Epsilon Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Edward J. and Melvina Thompson Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Theodore R. and Helen Thoren Engineering Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Olen Tilma Small Business Award SO, JR, SR
More Info Training Timothy Scholarship GS
More Info Tindall Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Marvin and Janet Troyer Athletic Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Troyer Family Annually Funded Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info The Samantha Truman Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. Donald Tyler Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Frances Varey Banks Nursing Award GS
More Info Kristi Lynn Walborn Award SO, JR
More Info Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Award SR, GS
More Info Walgreens Diversity Scholarship SR, GS
More Info Clyde and Janette Walker Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info C. Eugene Walker, Ph.D Psychology Award JR, SR
More Info W. David and Patricia Warren Pastors Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info James and Ruby Wells Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Samuel L. Westerman Foundation Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Wickerham Memorial Endowed Grant FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Stephen J. Wildasin Memorial Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Rev. and Mrs. Earl V. Willetts Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Jack Willetts Scholarship JR, SR
More Info Women for Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR
More Info Dr. and Mrs. Duane Wood Family Award SR
More Info World Missions Scholarship JR, SR
More Info G. Marvin Wright Endowed Memorial Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Xetron Engineering Scholarship SO, JR, SR
More Info Yellow Jackets Men's Soccer Scholarship FR, SO, JR, SR