• Education/Major: Organizational Communications
  • Favorite Place(s) to Visit: The beach!
  • Hobbies: Swimming, reading, music (performing and listening), hiking in the Rocky Mountains, wrestling with my kids
  • Unusual Fact: I have moved a lot during my life (7 times growing up) and I have moved my wife 6 times in 9 years of marriage. (But, we're not leaving Colorado!)
  • Favorite College Memory: There are so many, but among my favorites are traveling to Europe with Concert Chorale and living off campus with my best friend for 3 years.
  • Why I Still Love Cedarville: Cedarville was the place that my faith became real, where I was challenged to be the man God wanted me to be (not who my friends or family wanted me to be), and where I made the best friends I have ever had. I love Cedarville because it still endeavors to create, strengthen, and further Christ-followers.

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