• Education/Major: History
  • Favorite place to visit: Europe ‑ anywhere
  • Hobbies: Playing anything with strings, running, reading, and having my hands in the garden every chance I can get
  • Unusual fact: I did not know that my name was spelled "Geoffrey" as opposed to "Jeffrey" until I received my birth certificate from the U.S. State Department when I turned 16 (parents were missionaries to India)
  • Favorite College memories: pranks (and a lot of them), playing guitar and singing with "First Love", doing comedy, dating, and spending time with all my great friends
  • Why I still love Cedarville: Cedarville taught me to think critically and to defend and share my faith with intelligence and love; I love it because it remains steadfastly true to its mission
  • What I'm doing: I am a healthcare attorney

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